Making the 4th Annual Viva Pomona Music & Arts Festival Flyer

When I think about the relationships that I've made and the people I've met, it makes me emotional and so full of joy that I have the chance to interact with others, get to know them on intimate levels and build relationships. I met my friend Rene five years ago because he randomly contacted me through facebook because he stumbled across my art. He asked me if I could bring artwork, or make something visual for a rally/protest that he was organizing about unjust deportations. I ended making something within a few days and we marched together. We have created lots of things together and I'm proud to say that I'm a part of a music festival from it's origin to now. This will be the 4th annual festival that we do together and I'm really proud of Rene and everyone that was there at king taco the night this idea was created. 

Here's to a really fun festival celebrating friendship, art, and wonderful music. 

It was so fun working on this flyer. I had this idea in my head of creating a group of living things that looked diverse and could represent an audience that was such. I'm really proud of this flyer, and of myself. 


I did the drawings in ink pen, and scanned each one individually. I then duplicated the drawings and made 3 hues. Those are the blue & yellow images behind the frontal red images. I found the background in a book called "The Sea" by Life Nature Library. The background is actually 3 different images made to look like one scene(fragmented).




The first draft of the complete flyer. Waiting on some confirmations and this will be really done with, but in the meantime, I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back. pat* pat*