It's This Space In Between

It's this space in between when I forget how to breathe
an image repeat and I can't help but believe 
believe it's gone, trampled on, with no reprieve 

It's the space in between that trembles and bleeds
crying myself to sleep wishing for quiet and capped pleads
holding onto what I think is dear and this damn love

oh fuck, please
it's this feeling insecurity
when you imagine who you are and that somehow gets taken away with each day
that in someplace you are being forgotten, stamped over, translation dropped

the hardest part is this space in between the loved shared through first times
I can't, I'm shy, okay I'll try, now I know why, and I loved you in my own way, hi
make up your mind, I'm here, don't say goodbye, why, and the whys,

and the why I can't seem to breathe

maybe after it all I can go beyond this space in between and meet you somewhere else
a place that doesn't hold all the bad
this feeling teeming with this heartbreak sad
a space where i can say to you that I'm ready to move on from here

and the same question comes back, squeezing between those quiet moments of self
finding a way towards my heart and it continues to ask
"where does it all go"