Rainy Positive Attitude

In the summer of 2016 my dog Toph and I started a bike ride in Vancouver Canada with the idea of heading home to Pomona California. I went through a heavy break up the year before so while planning for this trip I had the intention of trying to rediscover myself, and wanting to take myself out of what I was comfortable or used to in the hopes that I could heal.

I pulled Toph in a trailer attached to my bike and packed way too much stuff which made climbing mountain passes pretty hilarious (not hilarious at the time). Along the way we were welcomed by some of the kindest people you could ever meet, they let Toph and I set up on their front lawns, porches, and even slept in some bedrooms to get off the road and get some rest.

This bike tour with all the uphill climbs and the downhill descents resembled the actual highs and lows of traveling this way. The struggle, the slow push up a seemingly endless uphill with no idea if you're even close to the top but knowing that you are headed on the right path and as the peak reveals itself you're in awe and amazement that you pushed through to get there and you're also able to take a deep breath while you coast until the next one. This constant up and down taught me about patience, trusting in myself and my path, being okay with being uncomfortable and not giving up but really believing in myself.

After Toph and I made it to Arcata California I was ready to come home and I don't want to speak for Toph but I think she was ready too. So I rode over to the next big town, Eureka, got a hotel room for the night, watched the Matrix 2 on tv, and rented a car the next morning to head home. I'll never forget the look on Tophs face when I put her in the rental car, lots of confusion and relief. My eternal thanks to all the people that took care of us on this trip, without you, we wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you!

Shot on 8mm film June 2016
*A zine about this bike tour will be released in October 2019.