My interest comes from questioning what is normal. Who is setting the parameters for what our society accepts and for what it opposes? I want to explore people’s perceptions of others and the effect of those perceptions on the individuals being examined. I think it’s interesting that those being examined sometimes take on the interpretations that others have projected onto them and incorporate that into their own characteristics. In this sense, someone is always creating us. Even if we ignore what people think of us, perception is still present and alive. I’m interested in making that perception visual.

I’m also interested in other factors that shape a person; whether that be their home, family, friends, environment, etc. How does a person grow up to be a loving, caring person, and another, a hateful, jaded person. What happened along the way? Is it the household that changed them or the lack of? Does someone’s word impact us more than we know? I want to make all this visual. I want to draw thought. I want to paint the impact of words, the influence of an environment.

To me, Imagination can be just as concrete as reality. I have grown to realize this through the absence and death of loved ones. Making art gives me the opportunity to make things that are not present, things that don’t exist in our physical world. I don’t want to be restricted with what I use to make my art. The medium I use is endless, that’s what draws me to make art. My work wants to include images of humans, or the human-like because I’m talking about the human condition.

I find the line that separates imagination and reality to be a thin line, if not non-existent to begin with. The question of what is real intrigues me.

Repetition is a significant theme in my work. The two people who raised me had a big part in that. My mother and grandmother would sew garments for a living, my mother still does. I remember watching them sew for hours and hours and the end result would be hundreds of the same garment. Seeing that hard work at an early age has made my work ethic what it is today. I repeat images; I repeat lines, I repeat because it feels like home to me. I don’t feel anything other than the work at that moment; there is nothing else I pay attention to. The pressures and the voices of everything else do not matter when I repeat.

I dabble in mediums because it feels right to me, and wrong sometimes, but that’s the fun part. I've never been this sure and unsure at the same time about one thing. Maybe that's a good thing, but it's more sure than unsure if that makes any sense at all.