The Subject of Suffering 
Mixed Media

This is a project that 
Brianna Meli and I worked on this past September about the subject of suffering. We asked three of our friends to help us with this project and all of them were so amazingly open to the idea. We interviewed each person and asked them questions like "what does suffering mean to you", and with their responses stemmed more questions and that's the audio aspect of this project. Then we asked them for their photo for drawing reference and from these two things we started to work on the visual aspect of this project. Brianna and I also interviewed each other. 

We installed this piece at the Da Center for the Arts in downtown Pomona. 

I personally never collaborated with someone to this extent so it was a completely new experience for me. I loved working with Brianna because of her amazing skill and intuition. 

The entire process of working on this project was an intense experience full of heavy subjects and enlightening moments for both of us. I didn't expect that. It caught me off guard and it turned out to be a very humbling and huge learning experience. Thank you for our friends Byron, Daniela, Amish, and Brianna for helping make this happen. 

Below are links to the full audio interviews and pictures of each panel that we created.